Episode 4 | Creating original music for a podcast

Episode 4 |  Creating original music for a podcast

Feb 19, 2024 - 18 min

Sounds like Europe

Podcasts are now more complex than ever. We are used to listening to amazing documentaries or fictions that are possible thanks to the hard work of producers, sound designers, scriptwriters... However, having a great soundtrack can be crucial when it comes to creating a unique podcast. To understand everything regarding this matter, Javi Caminero is joined by Luca Micheli, Sound Director and Head of Music at Chora Media, our Italian partner in the WePod project.  


  • Hosted and written by Javi Caminero

  • Sound design by Manu Tomillo

  • Coordinator: Alexander Damiano Ricci

  • Executive producer: Ana Ribera

  • This project has received funding from CROSS-Sectoral of the Creative Europe Programme.