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WePod, we produce podcasts

The collaborative platform for podcast production, distrubution and promotion

What is WePod?

WePod is an innovative multi-partner, cross-border project to support the growth and sustainability of the European podcasting ecosystem. 
Developed in response to the changing European news media sector, WePod will create a collaborative framework for the production, distribution, promotion, and monetization of journalistic podcasts.

Our values and mission

Empower the cultural and creative sectors to work together and seize the opportunities of the digital age and globalisation

A consortium of some of the most relevant European Media companies to co-produce podcast series in different languages abiding by the highest journalistic standards

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Empower European media companies and independent podcasters through new tools, trainings and workshops and contribute to a sustainable growth of the sector 

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Pioneer academic research into podcasting with a focus on co-production methodologies and practices

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Develop a more integrated European podcast market favouring the mobility of digital audio professionals and IP trade to reach new audiences

Who we are

WePod is powered by a consortium of journalists, podcasters, researchers, designers, and educators from seven European countries.

  • Prisa Media (SPAIN)
  • University of Roma Tre (ITALY)
  • Bulle Media (BELGIUM)
  • Chora Media (ITALY)
  • Magyari Jeti (HUNGARY)
  • Outriders (POLAND)
  • News Decoder (FRANCE)
  • Press Freedom Foundation (SERBIA)
  • Hiberus (SPAIN)

Our story

Founded on a Vision

WePod is the first platform of its kind dedicated to establishing a multilingual, cross-border podcast production methodology. Inspired by the need for a more cohesive audio ecosystem in Europe, WePod offers an innovative space for podcasters to create, connect, learn, and grow.

Enhancing artistic and cultural cooperation at the European level

WePod will connect Text the industry across borders through collaborative podcast productions, digital communications, research, and skill-building workshops.


WePod will launch the first European Podcast Academy and establish the European Association of Podcast & Audio Creators.

What’s New?

Download the most recent project results. 

  • pressreleasewepodlaunch.pdf
    June 1, 2024
  • wepod-call-for-papers-new-deadline-31.01.2024-.pdf
    June 1, 2024
  • press-release-sounds-like-europe.pdf
    June 5, 2024