Episode 5 | Podcasts for kids: your future audience is already listening

Sounds Like Europe

Mar 4, 2024 - null

Sounds like Europe

Podcasts can be a very useful tool to learn new things. They can also be funny, engaging, or exciting. Podcasts can talk to kids about things they know or introduce them to a wide range of unimaginable topics. To understand how a good podcast can impact a kid’s mind, Javi Caminero talks to Dan Simpson, host of one of the UK’s biggest kids and family podcasts: ‘Fun Kids Science Weekly’. 


  • Hosted and written by Javi Caminero

  • Sound design by Manu Tomillo

  • Coordinator: Alexander Damiano Ricci

  • Executive producer: Ana Ribera

  • This project has received funding from CROSS-Sectoral of the Creative Europe Programme.

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