Episode 7 | Daily podcasts: the key to stay well informed

Sounds Like Europe

Apr 1, 2024 - null

Sounds like Europe

Even though our professional and personal goals keep us busy, it seems as there’s always room for more. We usually feel the need to be well-informed, for example. That’s why listening to a format like daily news podcasts can be helpful. In this episode, Javi Caminero is joined by Ana Fuentes, host of Hoy En El País, Spain’s biggest daily news podcast, to analyze the importance of this genre. 

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  • Hosted and written by Javi Caminero

  • Sound design by Manu Tomillo

  • Coordinator: Alexander Damiano Ricci

  • Executive producer: Ana Ribera

  • This project has received funding from CROSS-Sectoral of the Creative Europe Programme.

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