Episode 3 | Will AI replace your job?

Episode 3 | Will AI replace your job?

May 14, 2024 - 12:56

AI and You

With the development in technology and implementation of Artificial Intelligence all over different sectors, some of us are left with the fear that our jobs will be replaced by technology. Is that the case? Maybe. But certain skills like critical thinking, interpersonal skills and empathy, are out of AI’s reach.


  • Original scripts - Juli Simond

  • Producer - Alexander Damiano Ricci

  • Art direction, sound design and editing - Jeremy Bocquet

  • Original soundtrack - Thomas Kusberg and Cornil

  • Vocal Consultant - Seden Anlar

  • Host - Madeleina Kay

  • The series is produced in the framework of the WePod project, co-funded by the European Commission.